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Legalisasi Surat Keterangan

Legalisasi Surat Keterangan

 5 Documents Commonly Required For Employment Overseas

When you planning to work overseas this are the five most required documents from our experience.

Diploma/transcript or other qualifications certificates

Potential overseas employers will need you to provide evidence you have the correct qualifications for the job. In order to authenticate diploma or transcript you need to contact the Registrar's office and request notarized duplicate/replacement of diploma/transcript. Document must be properly notarized. The notarial statement may be on a separate page with school letterhead if they cannot put it on a back.

Criminal background check

It is common practice for employers to request your criminal record. Criminal background check is often required to apply for work visa. Please double check with employer if they require State issued record of FBI.

Employment letter or Reference Letter

In addition to providing evidence of your qualification it is common for employer to request proof of your previous employment in the form of a letter of recommendation from your last employer or reference letter. These type of documents will need to be notarized before they can be legalized for use in overseas.

Medical Report

Your employer can request a medical report or a doctor’s letter as a proof you are fit and healthy. This can be a simple letter from your doctor confirming your health or a more specific report with results from tests that been conducted. You need to confirm with your employer to confirm how detailed report has to be. These type of documents will need to be notarized before they can be legalized for use in overseas.

Driving License

A driving license may be essential for your new job or may simply need it to commute to work. For an apostille/authentication purpose you will either have to obtain Abstract of driving record or notarize copy of your driver license. Please double check with target authorities first.

For Abstract of driving record please contact Department of Motor Vehicles and request certified copy. If you cannot order online, call your State DMV and ask if you can mail in a request.


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